What we do

What we do

We provide a managed service using software robots to act as digital workers to run manually repetitive on-screen tasks.

Software robots?


They make it tick

Our service is powered by software robots.  We provide the software robots to act as your digital workers to run manually repetitive on-screen tasks.  Our robots log on to your systems via a secure connection and start processing their designated task.  Your digital worker never deviates from the defined process, never makes errors and never takes a break.  Your digital worker takes care of the repetitive tasks so your team can spend more time on higher value tasks.

Robot configuration



We provide configuration services to set up our robots to copy the steps your users take.  We work with your users and process experts to understand your task, we run a screen cam to record the process in action and use this to set up the robot.  Once we have built the robot we work with the users to capture any exceptions or errors so we can set up the robot to deal with these just like your users would.  Once complete the robot is ready to go into production as a fully fledged digital worker.

Robot support


Digital workers need care too

Processes change.  It’s a fact of life that we have to live with.  When they change your users have to adapt.  It’s the same for our robots.  But being a robot, they don’t know there has been a change and will try to repeat the steps they have been taught.  So we provide robot support to make the necessary changes to the robots configuration.  This allows you to avoid process disruption altogether or minimise it when things change unexpectedly.

How it works